Anything....with BIKI!

I've been thinking about realizations, patterns to cut out for a while. The possibilities are many. It all depends on the age of the child, and whether it is accompanied by an adult, parent or teacher. My intention is to highlight the fun nature of cutting with the BIKI ® . We would like to offer a set of activities in the future.
My first intention focused on the design of small paper sculptures like “paper toys” but without straight cuts. The
themes are many. Here is a test (other achievements are to follow)
How to create a small sculpture from a sheet of paper? Here are some examples: first job with one of my trainees. It was simply a question of making cutouts of sheets of A4 or A3 format, in many curves, then, creating volumes by connecting certain parts (by gluing, stapling ...):
It seems to be 'anything', but ... the idea of ​​development, of empty and full is present there:


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