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The Biki for children

Allows the realization of cutouts of paper, fine plastics, by children (and +) in a great gestural and graphic freedom.
Children (and accompanying adults) will be able to express themselves in complete safety.
Biki ® is equipped with Bclik ® , a removable and interchangeable cutting part.
The Bclik ® fits into the nose of the Biki ® with a simple 'click'. Its rotation principle allows it to follow the movement of the hand. The design of the Bclik ® makes it possible to avoid any injury linked to the use of cutting tools.
Directions for use: Put BIKI ® on its legs, walk it over the sheet, like a pencil, make the cutouts as if you were drawing, pulling... in circles, spirals, zig-zag, or square..
Orient the Bclik ® in the direction of the blade to start the cut.
To do this, gently rotate it around its tip.

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No pair of scissors, no cutter!

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HERE is a presentation video of the BIKI®

BIKI®on the blog of "Deux fois Maman"

By Amanda and Sophie "twice mom"

Testimony of Jerome Lifestyle blogger


about the Biki®


Twice mom, the blog

Amanda and Sophia

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Biki or scissors!

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History of BIKI®

Eaggy markets Biki the tool for creative hobbies and school activities

Biki tool/creative leisure toy for children, allows the cutting of thin papers or plastics, by them, in a great gestural and graphic freedom. . The children hold Biki in the palm of their hand and place it on the sheet, make the cutouts like a drawing, pushing, pulling... to form circles, spirals, zig-zags, squares, and make a composition. (mask, stencil, garlands, paper sculptures.

The cutting gesture becomes spontaneous with biki.

Biki is equipped with the 'Bclik' , removable and interchangeable cutting part. This is housed in the nose of the Biki with a simple 'click'. Bclik by its principle of rotation around an axis is designed to follow the movement of the Biki.

History: The realization of this object was born from a collaboration with Pierre Henri Sénési, Doctor of Educational Sciences.

The aptitude tests carried out with primary school children led us to reflect on the possibility of providing children with a practical and fun tool with several objectives:

- allow fine, precise and secure cuts

-To be able to materialize quickly by cutting out the paper the shape symbolized by the graphic gesture according to the principle of 'detachment'. By comparison , scissors make it possible to cut, but suppress any gestural and sensitive spontaneity and impose a constant force on the fingers of the hand.

.Make it stable so that the child can concentrate mainly on his movement.

-Be able to start cutting from the inside of the sheet.

-Make this tool attractive and ergonomic.

Biki favors the development of creativity for its use, and the imagination by its form. The development and the enrichment of the graphic gesture concern at the same time a process of maturation and the attentive action of the teacher. From the pleasure of action, specific to the first years, the child passes to the conscious and increasingly controlled pleasure of production and representation. In this evolution, he behaves like an explorer and a creator of forms. He discovers and reinforces his motor dominance at the same time as he gradually gives himself lateralization markers

“the child who encounters the images is quite ready to establish a playful relationship with them. For him, the discovery of the world passes through gestures as much as through games. »

Would you like a live demo?

BIKI cut invites you to a Zoom meeting. I will thus allow myself to give you a small live demonstration concerning the use of the Biki

In this case, please send me your email address, specifying your day and time of availability.


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